Poem on My Brother’s Suicide

The Voice Gone from this realm of constant pain Our efforts and pleas were all in vain Selfish love and prideful need We all stood there and watched you bleed All you wanted was freedom from choice But all of us never heard the voice It screamed and raged within your heart We chose denial […]

A Poem on Narcissism

This poem is about my past relationship with a narcissist. Silent Witness Your tenderness is fleeting, colliding with your underlying reality Brief moments, glimpses into the world, you know others exist Your narcissism is a trap, you are caged within yourself Content to exist alone, yet you seek a companion in your misery, but only […]

Journey to Healthy Eating

One of my new year’s intentions this year is that I intend to make better choices in all areas of my life, which includes better food choices.  My family and I have slowly been weaning off sugar, becoming less dependent on carbohydrates and wheat and gluten products, and eliminating caffeine.  I have always avoided soda […]

Thanksgiving 2018

What a holiday season we’ve had so far! Two days before Thanksgiving, my sweet Sarah’s stepmother, Lisa, passed away after a long battle with cancer.  She had touched the lives of so many people and no one was ready to say goodbye.  She was a mother, a grandmother, daughter, and sister, and was planning a […]

15 Christmas Traditions

Traditions are Beneficial Holiday traditions have so many benefits and we have lots of them.  They help to keep away the cold weather blues when our days become shorter and colder, and we tend to spend more time indoors.  They help to alleviate stress during the hustle and bustle of the holidays by bringing joy […]

My Zine Went Live on Amazon

I have officially published my zine in both print and digital medial exclusively through Amazon Direct Publishing.  It went live yesterday!  I am SO excited!  It’s a lesbian-focused zine full of articles and stories.  I’ve found there isn’t much LGBT media aside from erotica or romance novels so I’m attempting to add to the variety […]

Officially Published!!!

I believe I just entered one of the longest waits known to man-kind…  I just launched my first published anything to Kindle and paperback, available exclusively through Kindle Direct Publishing! Excited doesn’t even cover it.  I won’t sleep for the next 72 hours.  I’ve never done anything like this before, and it says it can […]

Work, Work, Work

Sarah and I went to her dad’s today and dug out the firepit in his back yard for him.  They don’t have a wheelbarrow, so we had to fill up 5-gallon buckets and Sarah carried them down to the fence in the back yard and dumped them over.  We filled up about 20 buckets from […]

My Hubpages Articles

I don’t just write here.  I also have several articles published on Hubpages and featured in many of their sister sites.  If you’re interested, here is a direct link to my profile, as well as direct links to several of the articles.  Some of the articles are controversial, but it keeps things interesting. (Don’t worry, […]